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1962. Gaetano Pataro was awarded by the then President of Panama, Roberto Francisco Chiari, for his business activities.

Experience in the field

The company was established in 1952 by the Pataro brothers, emigrated from Italy to Panama shortly after the Second World War. Initially called Distribuidora Transoceanica, the company sold jewelry and craft items made in Italy on the Panamanian territory.

In the 60s, the company name was changed to Pataro Hermanos. Between 1977 and 1978, the company moved into the Free Zone of Colon, and began to devote itself exclusively to the wholesale trade of 18-carat and 10-carat gold from the Free Zone to the rest of Latin America. The company grew very quickly.

During the 90s, the company established itself as the largest distributor of jewelry in Latin America, expanding its catalog to silver jewelry and changing its name to Gold America S.A., still its current name.

After a market presence of over 65 years, and three management generations of Gold America, today the company is the most important player in the distribution of 18-carat gold jewelry in Latin America.

Relationships with producers

The experience and the relationships we have developed over the years allow us to buy products with high quality standards at extremely competitive prices. Our organization also has a permanent office in Italy that allows us to control the production of our orders on a daily basis and can also handle custom orders for each and every customer, big or small.



Our sales staff has been trained to assist our clients in a highly professional manner, while maintaining the high level of flexibility to adapt to different work methods for each individual customer. By allowing direct contact with the management office, we are always ready to provide personalized and friendly service.



Strong organizational skills, accuracy and attention to detail

Moral integrity

Moral and business integrity in interactions with customers, colleagues and suppliers


Constant drive towards growth, improvement and excellence


Our strengths translate into huge benefits for our customers providing them with the best product at the best price, also because the company operates in a Tax Free Zone.

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